What does the lappen cost?

Getting a hold of what you need to get a driver's license can be difficult. Don't worry; we'll help you understand.

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The cost of the driver’s licence varies from student to student. If you have practiced a lot beforehand and your instructor thinks you fulfill the right requirements, you might just need the mandatory courses

Most students will need a plan that includes regular driving lessons in order to pass the practical driving test. Our ambition is that you get the necessary education you need to be a safe and sound driver and to pass the practical driving test. That’s why all of our students’ first lesson is an intro lesson. In this lesson one of our traffic teachers will estimate what level you are at, and how many lessons you need to be ready for the practical driving test. After the lesson you receive a personal plan adjusted for your needs.

The personal plan can never be 100% accurate, as every student changes and progresses differently during their education. You will need fewer lessons if you do a lot of private practice lessons between your lessons at Kör. If you prepaid your plan, you will be refunded for every lesson you won’t need.

So how much does the drivers licence cost?

This depends on how much time you spend practicing in your spare time. The average price for the driver’s licence in Norway is 35 000,- NOK. That is quite a lot, so we recommend you practice as much as you can in between lessons if you have the opportunity.

You will find all our services and rates at https://en.koer.no/rates.

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