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What is Kör and how does it work?
What is Kör and how does it work?

Start your journey towards the Norwegian driver's license with Kör!

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With Kör you can book driving lessons, log practice-driving, see feedback from the traffic instructors, practice the theory – all in one app!

How does Kör work?

  1. Download our app!

    You can find our app in Google Play or in the App Store.

  2. Book your first lesson

    When you’ve created a profile in the app, you are set to book your first lesson. All of our students start off with this "first lesson". This is to assess your driving skills, so you and your traffic instructor can plan the road to your driver’s license!
    If you are under 25 years of age, you need to complete the basic traffic course first. Check out when the next course is held here.

  3. Choose pick-up location and find a date & time that fits your schedule

    To book a lesson, you first have to choose where you want to be picked up, either by entering an address, or by dropping the pin on the map.

  4. Complete the intro lesson

    The traffic instructor will pick you up at the address you choose when you book your lesson.

  5. Get feedback from the traffic instructor in the app!

    After completing a driving lesson, you will receive feedback from the traffic instructor in the app.

    If you have registered a companion, the companion will also receive your feedback from the traffic instructor through SMS. This way you always knows what to practice for next time.

  6. Get a tailor-made program

    After the intro lesson, you will receive a tailor-made program. This includes all the mandatory lessons, and the extra driving lessons the traffic instructor estimated that you need.

    If you pay for the entire program at once, you will receive a discount.

  7. Keep track of your progress

    In the app you have an overview of the road towards your driver’s license. You can see how far you have driven in total, how many lessons you have left, and how much time you have spent.

  8. Practice your traffic theory knowledge!

    In the app, we have a number of theory quizzes with different topics that you will get on the theory test. They are free, and you can take them as many times as you want!

  9. Track your private practice driving

    Are you going practice driving with a companion? Use the practice-driving function! Press the button “start private session” when you begin your trip, and put away your phone. When you are finished with the trip, you will see a map of where you drove, how many kilometers and how much time you spent on your practice-driving. If you save the activity, it will be visible to the traffic instructors as well.

Download our app from Google Play or App Store!

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