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Safety check for the driver's license in Norway
Safety check for the driver's license in Norway

Take a look at all the questions you can get about the safety check at the practical exam.

Updated over a week ago

The practical driving test is divided into two. Because you are responsible that the car is in proper condition, it starts with a safety check. For the first time, you are considered the driver, not the examiner.

The Safety Check

The safety check takes place by the examiner asking questions about the car's safety. Usually there is one question, but you may also get follow-up questions.

The topics you may be asked about are:

  • weights/cargo

  • brakes, tires

  • lights

  • steering

  • other miscellaneous knowledge such as the car's instruments. (buttons etc.)

We have collected all the security check questions with answers and examples, and divided them into categories, so that it is easier for you to understand and complete the security check on the practical test.

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