To get your driver's licence, you need to attend a variety of courses and lessons hosted by a traffic school. The traffic education is separated into four steps, or three if you are 25 years or older.

Step 1: Basic traffic course

You won’t do any actual driving during the course, but rather educate yourself on the theory behind driving. This happens in a class hosted by a traffic school. This step focuses on understanding risk and how the traffic system works. This is mandatory for everyone under the age of 25 that wants to get a driver’s licence.

This step consists of:

  • Basic traffic course

  • First aid course

  • Driving in the dark (demonstration)

Step 2: Basic training

At this step you’re taught how to control the car. You’ll learn everything from changing gear and backing up to changing the washer fluid. The goal is to make you feel safe to rely on your own skills before you head out in the traffic. When you feel ready, an end-of-step assessment lesson is required before you move on to the next step. If both you and your instructor agree that you are ready, you can move on to step 4 after the lesson.

This step consists of:

  • Driving lessons

  • End of step assessment

Step 3: Proficiency in traffic

At the previous step, you learned how to maneuver the car. Now it’s time to bring these skills into traffic. At step 3, you will learn how to drive in different environments. This includes driving in the city, suburbs and on country roads. You also need to complete a safety course on a practice track. The course lasts for 4 hours and will teach you how to avoid road accidents and how to secure people and cargo in different situations. Just like the previous step, this also has an end-of-step assessment lesson.

This step consists of:

  • Driving lessons

  • End of step assessment

  • Safety course on a practice track

Step 4: Final training

At this step you need to complete what is called safety course on the road. This course consists of four parts: Risks involved in driving a car, driving on country roads, planning the drive and driving in a varied environment and reflection and summary. The course lasts for a total of 13 hours. Entering step 4 will be a good time to apply for your driver’s licence. This needs to be done in order to take your theory test. You can apply for the driver’s license at Statens vegvesens website. When you have passed the theory test, you can book the practical driving test.

This step consists of:

  • Risks involved in driving a car

  • Driving on country roads

  • Planning the drive and driving in a varied environment

  • Reflection and summary

  • Practical driving test

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